Authors Guidelines

The following are instructions for writing papers in the Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Katolik (JPAK) published by the Lembaga Penelitian STKIP Widya Yuwana. The author is fully responsible for the contents of the manuscript written and the manuscript is a writing that has never been published.


The title is written in Times New Roman 14pt font (English/Indonesian, Bold, Center Align, Block)

Author1, Author2
1Institution, 2Institution

1email, 2email *(correct author's name)

The title must be clear, concise, concise and informative, representing the contents of the article, in capital letters. The author's name is written clearly without a title. All authors' emails are displayed, if the correspondence author is not the first author, an * symbol can be added after the correspondence author's email.

Abstract [TNR 11pt]

The contents of the abstract must summarize a summary which contains the background, research objectives, methods, findings and main conclusions of the writing. Abstract writing in Indonesian is written left-right aligned, after the abstract in English, with one space and one column. The word "Abstract" as the title is written in TNR 11pt, bold, with the first letter in capital. Single spaced, about 250 words max. Script keywords, 3 to 6 words/phrases. Then proceed with the main text of the manuscript.


Keywords are written in 3 - 6 words/phrases which are part of the title of the manuscript and separated by commas between words/phrases.

Manuscript Structure

Manuscripts are written with structure; I. Introduction, II. Discussion, which includes 1. Basic Theory (optional), 2. Research Methods (can include analysis, architecture, methods used to solve problems, implementation), 3. Results and Discussion, III. Conclusion, and Reference List.

The introductory content is the answer to question (1). Background, (2). Brief literature review of related research (3). Reasons for conducting this research and (4). Purpose question. Its sophistication, gap analysis and novelty can be seen here. Avoid going into general literature reviews and definitions.

Script Length

Manuscripts are written on A4 paper size with a minimum number of pages of 6 pages excluding bibliography, a maximum of 15 pages, including tables and figures, spacing between paragraphs 1.5 and with reference to the writing procedures as compiled in this manuscript. paper .

Results and Discussion

The series of research results is based on a logical sequence/arrangement to form a story. The contents show facts/data and do not discuss the results. Can use Tables and Figures but not depicting the same data repeatedly in figures, tables and text. To further clarify the description, you can use subtitles.

The discussion is in the form of basic explanations, relationships and generalizations shown by the results. The description answers the research question. If there are doubtful results then convey them objectively.

Script Layouts

An easy way to create layouts is to use this guide straight on. Avoid using bulleted/ordered lists with *, √ and other symbols. Avoid blank sections of the page.

So that the submitted manuscript can be processed immediately by the editor, make sure it has been written correctly following the instructions in this guide carefully.


Tables must be numbered in the order in which they are presented (Table 1, etc. ). Table titles are written above the table in a center-aligned position, not bold or colored. The font size used is 10pt for table titles and table contents. Tables must be referred to and referred to in the text. There are no plumb lines on the table.


Figures are numbered in the order in which they are presented (Fig. 1, etc. ). The image title is placed below the image in the center position (center justified). The font used in the image title is 10pt. Images must be referenced and referenced in the text.


Formulas are written clearly using equations with index numbers, formula variable explanations are written in paragraph form, not a list of items.

Page Specifications

Use the font Times New Roman throughout the text, with the font size as exemplified in this writing guide. Single spacing and contents of text or manuscripts are aligned left-right (justified). Page size is A4 (210 mm x 297 mm). Top margin 4cm, left 4cm, right 3cm, bottom 3cm.


In the conclusion there should be no references. The conclusion contains the facts obtained, sufficient to answer the problem or research objectives (not a further discussion). State the possible applications, implications and speculations where appropriate. If necessary, provide suggestions for further research. Stating conclusions in sentences in the form of paragraphs, not in the form of numbering.


Everything listed in the bibliography/references must be referred to in the manuscript. Minimum 10 main and latest references (last 5 years). Written in 12pt font size and follows the Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Katolik (JPAK) template.